• Users can now hire a writer for articles
  • Can now access all videos on account when attaching a YouTube video
  • Added alert if user does not have enough SMS/ Email credits
  • Improved stability when sharing services


  • Added advanced search option for switching users
  • Added option to switch user on bookmarklet
  • Improved bookmarklet stability
  • Added feature to ‘reply all’ for tweets
  • Improved stability when sending messages for approval
  • Added ‘Other’ tab to contacts, for custom fields


  • Added Instagram post scheduling
  • Improved the visibility of the content library
  • Bulk importer improvements
  • Added option to access archived messages
  • Better control over the appearance of links
  • Replace images on link previews with your own

For more information, please see this page.


  • 'Overview’ added to calendar to allow viewing of both scheduled and queued messages
  • White label users accessing the site from a mobile will automatically be redirected to the mobile site
  • Added ability to pin selected services to the compose box, to be remembered next time a message is composed
  • Option to take a tour through the basics of Sendible
  • Extra control over user settings- can now change user colour or reset session period
  • All filters to search Inbox now available on small screens
  • Added option to add a bit.ly pro account
  • Increased security measures, when filling out user details in Chrome
  • Increased stability when using Custom URLs


  • Added Thai language
  • Added Arabic language
  • Increased Search usability
  • Enhanced integration with Safari
  • Added ability to edit RSS feed name
  • Better visability of RSS feeds that have auto-posting set up


  • Updates to Spanish language
  • Improved visibility of notifications
  • Added ability to save empty URL shortener details
  • Added ability to set gender on bulk import
  • Re-enabled 'enter' key when switching users


  • Added Polish language
  • Added Dutch language
  • Improvements made to attaching images from URLs
  • Improved stability when following Instagram users
  • Better quality of search for custom fields
  • Additional options when using the RSS Autoposter
  • Increased stability when approving tasks
  • Increased flexibility when bulk exporting messages


  • Now able to use copy & paste keyboard shortcuts when bulk importing
  • Increased functionality when using custom fields on contact import
  • Added Spanish language


  • Added ability to create, save and reuse templates in ‘Email Template Editor’


  • Range of documents available to attach to messages has been increased
  • Added ability to click on trending topics from compose box to open original twitter search
  • Increased stability when retweeting messages from ‘Monitor’ menu
  • Improved stability when adding streams from ‘Inbox’
  • Improved accuracy for ‘Queue’ messages predicted sent times
  • Improved stability when sending a queued message for approval


  • Improved stability to ‘Personal Preferences’ menu
  • Improved view of menus


  • Increased date range on sign up forms
  • Increased stability for contact records


  • Added Greek language
  • Added German language
  • Increased performance when using Bookmarklet in Safari
  • Increased functionality of contact records
  • Increased stability when using the ‘Email Template Editor’
  • Switching user no longer resets the viewed page


  • Queued messages are now accessible from the calendar
  • Added function to create custom URLs
  • Now able to search for users using custom fields
  • Added option to remove link preview when posting to twitter
  • Now able to comment on, view and like facebook comments, and comments of comments
  • Rollover tip added to explain the numbering code next to the ‘Scheduled’ menu
  • Increased range of options for ‘Contact Type’ on contact records
  • Now able to view conversation sources
  • Added a new twitter stream for favourites
  • Added ability to delete facebook comments
  • Increased accuracy when exporting messages to HTML
  • Increased stability when using images in messages


  • Improved functionality when exporting messages to HTML
  • Improvements made to searching with custom fields
  • Functionality added to ‘My Retweeted Tweets’ stream
  • Increased maximum period to view for reports from 3 months to 12 months


Starting April 30th 2015, the Facebook API will be making changes to the way that we (and all 3rd party applications) interact with their platform. These changes specifically include new restrictions on how we access and post to your Facebook groups.

Read more: http://sendible.com/insights/how-the-new-facebook-api-changes-affect-posting-to-groups/#ixzz3Vy7xpbwe


We're excited to announce the release of our new email template builder, bringing even more power to Sendible's suite of social CRM tools. Best of all, you don't even need to know how to write HTML!

What's new?

  • Pick from 6 pre-built layouts to create gorgeous emails using our intuitive drag & drop interface.
  • Publish email templates into client's content libraries so they can easily draft their own campaigns.
  • Give clients control to create their own email templates without any HTML coding experience required.

Also included in the latest update to Sendible:

  • Introducing the Shuffle button to randomize content within Smart Queues.
  • More control over the creation and customization of user hierarchies and sub-teams.