How Can I Easily Share Content When Im Browsing The Web

1. Our Sendible Bookmarklet allows you to easily Send or Schedule content you come across whilst browsing the web without
having to open the Sendible site, copy and paste text and links, etc. To add the Bookmarklet to your browser, first select the cog
icon in the top right hand side of any page.

2. Then click on the Sendible Bookmarklet option and drag this onto your toolbar (please see Figure 9. for how to set this up on
Google Chrome).

3. The Sendible Bookmarklet will then be available on your browser toolbar when you’re browsing the web.

4. When you come across an article, page or similar and you want to share this on your social channels, click on the Sendible
Bookmarklet on your toolbar. Please Note: Some sites are protected therefore, they do not allow us to pull necessary data and
in these cases, the bookmarklet may not open.

5. The following popup will drop down from the top of the screen. If you’re not already logged into your Sendible account, the
system will prompt you to sign in.

6. Once you’ve signed in or if you’re already signed in, the Compose box will populate with the link from that page, a link preview,
etc. You can then select the Services or list you wish to send the post to and add any additional text.

7. You can also access the Scheduling and Queuing options, Attach an image, etc. The only options not available in this Compose
Box are the Content and Bulk Scheduling options.

8. You can also save that post to your drafts, send it for approval or send it right away or schedule or queue it.

9. If you’re using Google Chrome, the options for adding the Bookmarklet will be a little different. First select the cog icon as in
Figure 1. Then select the Install Plugin button.

10. You’ll be directed to the Chrome store, select the Add to Chrome button.

11. Once this is installed, the Sendible icon will be added to the top right hand side of your Chrome browser. This will act in the same
way as the other Bookmarklet option, just click on it when you come across an article, page, etc. that you want to share on your
channels for the Compose box to appear.