How Can I View And Use The Calender

1. Select the Engage tab and select the Calendar option from the list to the left.

2. You can Refresh the Calendar if a message isn’t being displayed.

3. Switch between your Scheduled, Sent and Queued messages.

4. Filter by the other members in your User Group.

5. Select to view messages for a specific Service or List.

6. Move forward or backward in the Calendar.

7. Hover over a message to view more details about that message. You can also edit a
message by clicking on it or move it in the Calendar to change it’s scheduled time.

8. When you click on a message, the Compose Box will appear with that message pre-loaded.

9. You can edit the Service or List you added previously, as well as change any of the text or
content, etc.

10. You can edit the Scheduled time or add the message to a Queue.

11. You can also save the message as a draft and send it for approval. If you want to send the
message now, deselect your scheduled settings and the Send Now button will be displayed.

12. You can also select whether the Calendar is displayed by Month, Week or Day.