How Do I Access A Quick Report For A Service

1. Select the Measure tab. The page will default to the Quick Reports option.

2. To view a Quick Report for a particular service, click on the dropdown menu and then select the relevant
social site.

3.The social services you’ve set up will be displayed so you can select the relevant page, profile, etc. Please
We're not able to provide Quick Reports for all social services. Also, in some cases it may take 1 - 2 days
for the system to collect enough information for a report to be available.

4. You can change the time period displayed on a Quick Report and set a custom time period.
5. You can also print the Quick Report however, as Quick Reports are intended just for viewing statistics and not
for sharing, you won’t be able to Email a Quick Report.

6. Select the Refresh icon on a report to update it if data is not displaying in the module correctly.

7. This option allows you to download a PDF, JPEG, etc. of a particular module.