How Do I Add A Contact

1. Click the Manage option at the top of the screen then select Contacts from the dropdown menu. Once you’ve done this,
select the New Contact button. You’ll also be able to switch between options on the left hand side of the page whilst
you’re in the Manage section.

2. You can then start adding the information for your contact. The minimum amount of information that we need you to add
for a contact is their first name, last name and email address however, we have provided a large number of additional fields
to assist you in keeping up to date with any sales contacts or clients you may have.

3. In the Contact Info area, you can add your contact’s email.

4. When you add their phone number, please note that, as we are an international site, you will need to include the country
code for where that contact is located so for example, if the contact was located in the US, you’d add +1 and then their
phone number. For the UK, please add +44 then remove the first 0 and supply the rest of the number.

5. You can select a contact’s preferred method of contact. If you select the preferred contact method as Email, you will only
be able to add that contact to email Mailing List. If you select the preferred method as SMS, you will only be able to add that
contact to an SMS mailing list.

6. You can also add your contact’s social media profiles under the Social option to help link up all their contact information in
one place as well as adding their Bio so you can further personalize your communications with them.

7. Lastly, you can add sales notes or other notes for that contact in the Notes area. When you’ve added all the information for
that contact that you want, select the Create Contact button to save that contact.