How Do I Add My Facebook Page To Sendible

1. Select the Services tab then select the Add button where Facebook is listed.

2. The following pop-up will appear, select the Setup button opposite where the Facebook Fan Page option is listed.

3. Another pop-up will appear directing you to log into your Facebook account. If this does not appear, it means you are already
signed into Facebook. If you are trying to add a page that is not linked to the account you are currently logged into, please
make sure you log out of that account in all windows and tabs and start again from step 1. Also, make sure to accept all of the
permissions requested by Facebook, if any are skipped, we will not be able to add your Facebook Fan Page successfully.

4. Provide your descriptive name for that Facebook Fan Page Service.

5. Select the appropriate Facebook Page from the “Pages I admin…” drop down menu.

6. Once you’ve adjusted the settings, select the Save Settings button. You can also switch Facebook accounts at this stage
using the 'Switch Facebook User option.