How Do I Bulk Import Messages

1. The option to bulk import messages will be located in the Message Box, select the Importing icon to get started.

2. The following window will appear, if you want to work on the messages in Excel before importing them, click on the
[Download CSV file] option to download the sample CSV and start adding your messages.

3. When you’ve filled out the CSV file or if you already have one ready, click Load from a CSV file.

4. Select the date format for your messages if they’re being scheduled for a specific date. If you’re adding them to a Queue,
just click Cancel.

5. Select the Service/s you want to send those messages to.

6. You can also select whether you want the messages to be Scheduled or added to a Queue. If you’re happy at this
stage, select the Import option.

7. We have also added the option to create posts in bulk directly on Sendible or to edit the posts you’ve included in the
CSV file before they’re added to your Schedule or a Queue. You can type your text message text into the Message area,
type your date or select the Calendar icon select the date, type the time you want to send your message out if you want to
schedule it as well as including the subject if applicable and a URL.

8. You can also include an image. If you select this option, the image option window will appear. For more information on
this, please see the ‘How do I include an image or video in my message?’ page.

9. At this stage, once this window is populated, you can also export this as a CSV by selecting the [Download CSV file] option.
Otherwise, click the Import option to start importing your messages.

Update: We’ve changed the view of the bulk importer as per your request. The bulk importer view will now adapt to the type of
message you want to import. For example, if you choose to import a message into a queue, you will no longer be asked to provide
a Send Time or Send Date. This is due to queue time slots being pre- selected. We’ve added the option to view and change your
queue settings from this view as well, giving you more control when importing messages.

We have added the option to bulk import tags for messages. Simply add your comma- separated tags to the appropriate column in
the bulk importer to make use of this feature.