How Do I Create A Branded Report

1. Select Measure and then click on Report Builder in the list to the left.

2. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to add your first report. Otherwise, select the New Report button.

3. Select the layout for your report by clicking on the layout you want.

4. Give your report a name.

5. Give your report the title that will appear on it.

6. Select the default period for your report (this can be adjusted as needed once you complete the setup of your

7. Select Next to move to the next stage of setting up your report.

8. The following window will appear so that you can start to add relevant modules to your report. You can select
between different groups of modules using the tabs at the top of the window. The General Reports tab displays
modules which take a look at general activity for your User Account and other User Accounts in your User Group.

9. When you’ve located the module you want to add, select the Add button opposite.

10. To add modules relating to specific social media channels, select the Channels tab.

11. Select the Setup option opposite the relevant channel to bring up a list of modules you can add for that channel.
Please Note: The information we can provide for a particular social channel, page, etc. will vary between the social
sites depending on the information they allow us access to.

12. Once you’ve located the module you want to add for that channel, select the Add button and repeat this until
all the modules you want to add for that channel have been added to the report.

13. You can use the Queue feature to track specific Campaigns. All posts, emails, etc. you add to a Queue will be
tracked individually so that you can track this by channel or you can use the Campaigns tab to access the overall
data for that Campaign.

14. Once you’ve located the relevant Queue, select the Setup button to bring up the different modules you can add
for Campaigns.

15. Once you’ve set up your report, you can use the Add Modules button to add additional modules to your report,
you can also Edit the report, click Share to give other User Accounts in your User Group access to view the report
or if you no longer wish for that report to be stored, click the Delete button (this cannot be reversed).

16. You can add any Logo you like to a report to help brand it.

17. You can also change the date range that the report is set to cover or provide a custom date range. Please
currently our system is only set up to store data for 90 days by default therefore, if you need to track data
for longer periods,please export your data regularly.

18. Using the Print, Email and Live options, you can send reports to your clients or similar:

Print: When you select this option, a print preview for that report will be displayed so that you can check this before
looking to print off your report.

Email: This option allows you to send a report now or set it up to email out automatically.

Live: Selecting this option means you will be provided with a URL which you can send to your client or similar and,
when they select the URL, they will be able to view the report (this will be outside the Sendible account).

19. You can also add a name, company address, etc. to your report to completely brand it.