How Do I Create A Services List

1. Click the Manage option and then select Lists from the drop down menu. If you haven’t already created a list,
the option to do so will be displayed. Alternatively, select the New List option.

2. Give your List a name.

3. Select who can use the list (Consumers) and who can add to the list (Contributors). Once you’re done, select the
Create List button.

4. Select the Click to add a service option to start adding Services to that list.

5.In the drop down menu, select the service you wish to add to the list. Once you’ve selected one service, you’ll need to select
the Click to add a service option to select the next service.

6. If you want to remove a service you’ve added to a list, just select the list and then click on the x in the top right of where
the service is displayed.

7. Once you’ve added the services you want to include to your list, it will be available to select in the Message Box.