How Do I Include An Image Or Video In My Message

1. Click the Attach Image button when viewing the Compose message box.

2. We’ve added a number of new options for adding images however the first you’ll
find pretty familiar which is the default option to upload a file from your computer.
You can either drag and drop the images into the area specified or click Select Files to
open a new window and select the files from your computer.

3. The second option, From URL, allows you to fetch images from a URL. You can either
enter a page URL and select one of the images by clicking Attachor you can provide a specific
image URL.

4. The Media Library allows you to easily search images you've uploaded to Sendible previously
using the first option that allows you to upload images to add to a message. Once you've found the
image you want to include, just click Attach.

5. By selecting the Cloud option, you will be able to view and add images from your
Dropbox or Google Drive account. Click the icon for either Dropbox or Google Drive
and the system will prompt you to sign into the account. Once you’ve clicking on the
image/s that you want to include, click the Select button.

6. By selecting the Video option, you can search and attach videos from YouTube.
Just type a term into the search box and click the search icon and relevant matches will
be brought up. Once you’ve found the video you want to include, just click Attach.

7. You can also search for images by clicking the Search option and then choosing
whether you want to search for images on Google or Flickr.Click the logo of the service
you want to use to get started.

8. If you select the Google option, you’ll be able to provide your search term and then
select the search button. Once you’ve found the image/s that you want to use, just click
on them and then click the Select button.

9. To include images from Flickr, add the search term to the search box, click the search
icon and then when you’ve found the image you want to attach, select the Attach option
next to it.