How Do I Set Up A Stream For Facebook

1.Select Services from the top of the dashboard and then select Add where Facebook is listed.

2. Scroll down the list and then select the Setup opposite the Stream option you wish to add. The Facebook
option will stream in messages, updates, etc. from your Facebook account, the Facebook Fan Page
option will stream this information from your Fan Page and the Facebook Group Stream will stream this
information in for a group that you are the Admin of.

3. You will be directed back to Facebook to log into the Facebook Account you wish to stream updates from or the
account that is Admin for a Facebook Page or Group.

4. Once you’ve provided the email address and password, select Log In and accept any permissions that are requested,
if you skip any we will be unable to correctly add the service.

5. Select the type of Stream you wish to add from the dropdown menu.

6. Save your settings.

Once you’ve done this, the stream will be available in the Inbox under the Engage tab for you to access.