How Do I Set Up A Twitter Auto Follower Service

1. Select the Services option at the top of any page and then select Apps from the list to the left of the screen.

2. On the following page, select the Add button where the Twitter Auto Follower service is listed.

3. In the window that appears, you will first need to provide a description for the service for your reference.

4. You will then need to select the Twitter account this automation is being set up for.

5. You can select whether you want to follow people based on their Tweets or their profiles. Please note that,
if you select the profiles option, Twitter will only return a limited amount of results therefore, we advise switching
between options if necessary.

6. You can then provide relevant Keywords or Interests that have either been included in Tweets or profiles of those
you want to automatically follow. Please make sure if you are including multiple words or terms to separate
these with OR.

7. You can also include the Twitter handles of users that have followers similar to those you’re looking to follow.

8. As Twitter will pick up if you’re following too many people at within a short period of time and potentially take action
on your Twitter account for what they term aggressive following, we have limited how often our system will search for
users that match your search criteria and how many users are followed once this search is made which you can
adjust to suit your needs.

9. You can also select whether you want to only follow Twitter users based on the language they’ve stated on their
profile or from a particular country or location.

10. You can then select whether you wish to receive email notifications when new people are followed.

11. You can also add other email addresses to be notified when new people are followed.

12. Finally, you can choose to have those notifications emailed to other email addresses as well. Once you’re
happy with your settings, please click Save Settings.