How Do I Set Up A Twitter Auto Unfollower Service

1. Click Services and then select the Apps option from the lists view to the left of the page.

2. Select the Add button where the Auto Unfollower service is listed.

3. Provide a description for the service for your own reference.

4. Choose the Twitter account you want the automation to apply to from the dropdown menu.

5. Select how often you want the system to check for followers to unfollow (Frequency) and the
maximum amount of people you want the system to unfollow once it has performed this check.

6. You can also specify to only unfollow people that are following you who have less than a certain
number of user or to only unfollow people that are not following you.

7. If you select the option to receive an email every time Twitter users are unfollowed by your
account, you can provide specific emails you want to have notification sent to by including these
email addresses in the text box.

8. Lastly, you can select whether you want that automation to be Active or Paused. You will
be able to edit this later on if you want to pause an automation for a while. Once you’ve added
your settings,go ahead and select the Save Settings option.