How Do I Share A Report With Other Users

1. First you’ll need to access the Custom Report you want to share under Manage > Report Builder. Please Note: you
cannot share Quick Reports with other user accounts.

2. You’ll then need to select the custom report you want to share from the dropdown menu.

3. Once this report is displayed, click the Share button.

4. The following pop-up will be displayed. Select the name of the user account you wish to share the report with.

5. Using the arrows provided, move the name of the user account from the Team members/clients: box to the Currently shared
box. Repeat this process if you need to share the report with multiple user accounts. If you want to stop sharing a report
with another user account, you will need to come back here and move their name back in the ‘Team members/clients:’ box.

6. Once all the names of the user accounts you want to share the report with are displaying in the ‘Currently shared with:’ box,
click Save. That report will then be available for the appropriate user accounts to access in the dropdown menu highlighted in
point 2. on their own user account.