What Payment Methods Do You Offer

1. The standard payment method we offer is by Credit Card. We support all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

2. If you would prefer to pay via PayPal, please use the link provided on the payment page for this. Please note: If you select PayPal
as your method of payment a subscription will be created and must be cancelled on your end should you choose to upgrade, downgrade
or cancel your account with Sendible to prevent further billing. The subscription will be linked to info@sendible.com on PayPal. Please
also note that PayPal only supports standard subscriptions so, if additional users than the standard amount provided by a plan are
needed, you will need to upgrade rather than add additional users to your current plan.

If you are unable to pay for your Sendible account either via card or PayPal, please contact support@sendible.com to discuss alternative
methods of payment. Please note: Payments will always need to be made upfront for the account.